12 Days of Mikey – Day 12

So after getting up at Derek & Kelly’s this morning, we headed out to breakfast at a place called Jensen’s. They had some awesome maple butter syrup. Afterwords we headed back to Rochester so we could get ready for the BBQ on the north lawn.

We got home and immediately unpacked the car and started setting up tables and chairs on the north lawn. For those of you not familiar with what the north lawn is, it is what we call the space on the front lawn between our house and Brian and Michelle’s. It has a small tree in front which creates a nice break from the street and makes a great meeting place to visit at.

Soon enough everyone started showing up. Tim & Jackie came and grilled brats and burgers for everyone. Nana brought an amazing macaroni and cheese dish that was way cool. Paula, Daniel, Ann, and of course Brian, Michelle, and the Wee Todds (their girls) came as well. We had a great afternoon of visiting and hanging out on the north lawn. Jill and I were still very exhausted from Saturday, and I kind of felt bad as I was not very energetic during the BBQ, but it was still a lot of fun.

Afterwords everyone headed home and Jill and I went back inside to catch up on True Blood and even managed to fit in the finale. So thank you all who had a part in the 12 Days of Mikey, it was a truly awesome birthday that I will never forget.