12 Days of Mikey – Day 11

I apologize now that I do not have more pictures, but today was such a whirlwind that I just didn’t have the chance. Day 11 belonged to Jill and she had setup several clues to outline a whole day worth of activities. When I first woke up I discovered a book that was a hide away book with a hidden compartment inside. In it was Happy Birthday buttons and a t-shirt that read, “Those who think they know everything annoy those of us who do.”

Now this morning was also sad as we were taking out dogs up to Jill’s parents to stay until we get back from our cruise, which is about 2 weeks. Kind of sad to see them go, and I will miss them. So we packed up the car with our stuff and dogs and I got my next clue which lead us to mocha at Dunn Bros.

After getting mochas I got my next clue, which was pretty obvious, a trip to her parents as that is where we were headed to drop off the dogs. When we got there I got a nice card from her parents and some money for my kayak. We then said good bye to our dogs and left for the next stop.

I got my next clue which turned out to be WineHaven. This is the winery owned by Jill’s Dad’s cousin, Kevin Peterson. We went there and had to stand in line, but Kevin saw us and immediately got us a glass of merlot to drink while we waited for tasting. We got to do some wine tasting, which we always enjoy. Kyle, Kevin’s son, also let us try the new pumpkin wine that wasn’t even bottled yet. I ended up getting a case, and as we checked out I got a couple of bottles of their rhubarb wine that Jill had called ahead for. They also gave me a box of their honey chocolates too.

So we were off to our next stop which was our friends, Derek & Kelly. We had lunch with them and I got my next clue, which was a present from Derek and Kelly. We were off to the Mall of America where Derek and Kelly set me up to do Aces. Aces is a flight simulator game, which Derek and I did some combat flying during World War II. It was awesome, we played for an hour and due to our 8 minute training, got to be revived several times during the hour.

Afterwards we met up with Kelly and Jill again and now we were off to MagiQuest. Last Christmas Derek & Kelly gave us gift cards for MagiQuest and today we were going to use them. MagiQuest is a cool LARP kind of game where you get an infrared wand and have to walk around zapping things to get spells, runes, and gold. You also get to build your own wand, which you keep, and can bring back to play again and again. You build levels in the game, much like a LARP kind of game. So Derek, Jill, and I played for 90 minutes and had a blast. Jill and I almost became Master-Magi at the end.

After MagiQuest we headed over to a restaurant in the mall called Crave. Crave is pretty cool as they have a broad selection of items, everything from sushi to pizza. We got a sushi appetizer and for dinner I got a crab crusted filet mignon, it was awesome. After dinner we headed back to Derek & Kelly’s for a little wine, and then off to bed. We were all pretty tired from a long and awesome day.

So Jill did great for Day 11, it was almost like the whole 12 Days of Mikey wrapped in one. I got to see a lot of other family and friends, and do MagiQuest. So now that I am recovering from Day 11, it is time to get ready and see what Day 12 has in store. Thanks again to Jill for making Day 11 so very, very awesome. I am so lucky to have a wonderful wife that will plan such a great day for me. Thank you again Jill.