Safari: Open in Chrome

Recently Google released Chrome for iOS, and it has been an amazing browser, as it brings all the sync ability of Chrome to my iPad or iPhone. The major problem is, unless you jailbreak your iOS device, you cannot set Chrome to be the default browser. Safari is still set to that, so any links you open from other apps will always open up in Safari.

After doing some research online came across a little trick, that while it doesn’t solve the problem gives you a cool work around. You can create a bookmark in Safari that when you click on it, loads whatever page you had opened into Chrome. This way while you cannot change the default browser, you can quickly bounce your webpages back over to Chrome.

So let’s look at creating this bookmark. First create a bookmark in Safari to any site and call it, Open in Chrome, then save it. I saved mine to the Safari Bookmarks Bar for easy access on my iPad. Next, go back into your bookmarks menu in Safari and click on Edit, then find your Open in Chrome bookmark and click the arrow to expand it. Delete whatever URL it is pointing to and replace it with the folliwng code.


Then just exit and select Done to end editing, and that is it. Now when an app opens a link in Safari and you would rather have it open in Chrome, just click the Open in Chrome bookmark, and it will re-open your URL into the Chrome for iOS app. While this isn’t a perfect solution, it is still a nice trick to get around Safari being the default browser on iOS.