Google Multiple Sign-In

If you use multiple Gmail or Google accounts, you know the pain of having to sign-in, then sign out to check the different email accounts. Or you could use different browsers, to have both the accounts open at the same time. Both methods seem like a lot of work, especially when Google has already thought of this and created Multiple Account Sign-In. What this means is, you can connect your Gmail accounts, so logging into each of them is easy, and each can run in its own tab in your browser. This means dealing with multiple Gmail or Google accounts, just got a whole lot easier. So let’s take a look at how to set this up.

First log into your primary, or prefferred Gmail account. In the top right hand corner of your Gmail page is your picture with an arrow next to it, click on that to expand it and you will get a box that looks like the one below.

Simply click on Add Account, you will then be taken to a Google login page. Login with the other account you would like to link to your primary Google account. Now when you login, you can choose the same pull down as before, and your second Google account will be listed, like the picture below. Simply click on it, and it will open up in a new tab in your browser, letting you run both Gmail accounts side by side.

One thing to note though, not all Google products support the multiple sign-in option. So make sure to check the top right of the page when you sign in or switch products to make sure you’re using the correct account.

So if you are looking for a way to simplify using multiple Google Accounts, Google’s Multiple Sign-In feature may be just the thing you are looking for. More information about using Google’s Multiple Sign-In can be found on their support page at