12 Days of Mikey – Day 6

Today’s day was a complete surprise as we were going to go to the Twins game with our neighbors. We had breakfast at their place before leaving and I discovered Day 6 belonged to my neighbor Michelle. She has brian make a great breakfast, and got me an awesome coffee mug.

Now with the coffee mug you have to understand the back story a bit for it to make sense. I am always teasing my neighbor Brian that I want to abduct him and put him in the basement so he will bake for me on demand. After all, abduction is the highest form of flattery. So in honor of this they got me a coffee mug with the dialogue from Silence of the Lambs and back picture of his baklava. The dialogue on the mug is below:

“Now it places the baklava in the basket.”
“Please! Please I wanna go home! I wanna go home please!”
“It places the baklava in the basket.”
“I wanna see my wife! I wanna see my kids!”

Now what really made me NOT suspect them was today is Michelle’s birthday, and that was why we were doing the Twins game with them. We had an awesome blast and saw the Twins beat the Kansas City Royals 5 to 4. It was a truly amazing day and I will always have my Brian coffee mug to remember it by.