12 Days of Mikey – Day 5

Today was Day 5 of the 12 Days of Mikey. I woke up to find a gift bag on my laptop, and in it was a brownie box mix, walnuts, and chocolate frosting, all the ingredients for Walnut Brownies. The note was from Dee & Jay, who actually live in, and are currently located in, Green Bay Wisconsin. It turns out that Dee had sent the ingredients with my Mom when she had visited us a couple of weeks ago.

I emailed Dee though as I have found a problem with the brownies. I tried rubbing them together, dropping them on each other, placing them all in the oven, and in the microwave and I still have no walnut brownies to show for it. I am going to try putting them all in the washing machine or possibly the microwave. One of the appliances here in the house has to turn these ingredients into walnut brownies. Dee did respond and suggested I beg my wife to make them, I may have to resort to that in order to get walnut brownies. Anyways, thanks to Dee for getting me my favorite brownies, it was truly funny things morning.