12 Days of Mikey – Day 4

Today was Day 4 of the 12 Days of Mikey. Today my friend Nana was the person who got me today. Nana is a friend from when I first moved to Rochester, back when I started at IBM. In many ways Nana has been like a second Mom to me.

When we got up Jill and I went kayaking with my sister, Charity, and my niece, Lita. While were were out Nana came into our house and put a lot of fun stuff on my desk in my office. She got me a box of candy, a Star Wars kite, a card, and a whole lot of balloons. She even got me a toy glow in the dark sword.

I thought that was it, but after we got home she started texting me clues and sent me on a scavenger hunt throughout the house. The first sent me down into the basement where we keep our wine. The clue Nana gave me when I got down there was to look for the Chest of Nana. I looked around our wine cellar and found an Abercrombie and Fitch bag, and quickly realized if Nana had to pick a chest, that’d be it. Inside was a collectors series PC game for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures.

Later in the day Nana texted me again and this time sent me into our upstairs. The clues led me to one of our closets and in there was a bag containing the Star Trek Scene It game. This game has questions from all the TV shows, from the original series, to Voyager and Enterprise. I am very anxious to play it as I like the Scene It game.

We had Nana over for dinner and while we were eating I explained how much coffee I’ve been getting from the 12 Days of Mikey. She laughed and gave me a gift card for Java Detour, too funny. So as Day 4 comes to an end, it’s been just an awesome day of hanging out with family and friends. Thank you so much to Nana for all the cool gifts and for coming over.