12 Days of Mikey – Day 3

So for Day 3 of the 12 Days of Mikey the day fell to Paula. Her and her son Daniel came to my office today with a whole bag of awesomeness. They started by reading a poem they wrote and then handing me the appropriate present. Below is the poem they wrote:

On the third day of Mikey I must say we do, have several things to do with leashes for you. First we must keep Mikey safe on the water this fall, so we hope today you find this to be a ball. To keep your iPhone handy and dry, this first “leash” will do. With the right GPS application, we will be able to find you… We know how you love things on leashes so here is your next thing, To keep your oar always at the ready you will have to remember to bring… In the event your Jill and Brian desert you, we have thought of everything, dessert it is, that you will be able to bring. May the rest of your Mikey days be happy and as fun as yours today, your Kayak adventure birthday will take you away. Paula and Daniel

So the first thing they have me from the first part of the poem was hard plastic dry box I wanted when I bought my kayak. I didn’t get it then and got a cheaper dry bag in order to save some money, but was thrilled when I got my dry box. The second thing they gave me was a paddle leash, so that way I can attach my paddles to my kayak. The third thing was freeze dried fruit and ice cream sandwiches, for when Jill and Brian are gone at the same time. They did that one weekend and Michelle, the girls, and I were reduced to eating crackers!

In addition to all that above Paula and Daniel also brought me some Dunn Bros. And not any normal Dunn Bros, I got a Chocolate Steamed Nirvana and a jug of their Infinite Black iced coffee I have been wanting to try. I did try it after they left and was surprised as it was a lot better than I thought. The other funny thing Paula said was she went to Dunn Bros and asked them which mocha I would prefer, after saying my name they knew exactly who I was and that I would want the chocolate nirvana. Maybe I go there too much. So as I am here at work in awe… a big thank you to Paula and Daniel for making it a truly AWESOME Day 3!!