12 Days of Mikey – Day 2

Today was day 2 of the 12 Days of Mikey. It all started out like a normal day until I was on call for work and Sara from the front desk came in with apple tarts and a mocha for me. It was definitely Day 2 and I knew whose day it was, it was Jackie’s. Jackie is Tim’s girlfriend and yet another fabulous cook that I know. The apple tarts were amazing and I did my best to keep them on the down low from my co-workers, but still managed to share with some of them. On the box they apple tarts came in was a note saying see you tonight for surf and turf.

So for dinner Jill and I went over to Tim & Jackie’s and had some great steaks and shrimp off the grill. For desert Jackie made brownies covered in ice cream and Reeses peanut butter cups. A better Mikey dinner there isn’t, so for Jackie’s day she comes out with two thumbs way up! I even managed to help fix their cable box while I was there as Tim had plugged the wrong cable into the port on the DVR. We even did some game planning for wall mounting their 40 inch flat panel TV. So as day 2 comes to a close, I find myself very happy to have good friends and extremely full of food!