12 Days of Mikey – Day 1

On Friday June 11th was my friend’s, Tim, birthday this year. To get him I organized a cake-a-thon and got several of our friends to make and deliver different cakes and deserts to him on his birthday. There were a total of four that were delivered throughout the day. To get me back he has organized the 12 days of Mikey. During September 1-12, leading up to my birthday, he is going to get me back each and every day. Something is going to happen to me each day, and possibly even multiple things. Today I was told this by him and have begun seeing the results. This morning started off with the following video explaining all this to me.


After I got home from work I found he had delivered the chair pictured to the right. Now some history of this chair is that we call it the ball buster, as if you are a guy and sit in it you will quickly find it was not designed for men. He dropped this off in front of my house with a red balloon attached. I then came to blog about it and found a $10 iTunes Gift Card in my email. So all in all maybe a wash, depends on what use I find for the chair.

So I am going to try blogging this as all these happen. I will keep them under the 12 Days of Mikey label on my blog so that all of you reading this can follow along. So bear with me as we endure the 12 Days of Mikey, be they good, bad, or just embarrassing.