My First Kayak

kayakWhen I went up to Lake Hattie with my wife’s family this past fourth of July, I became addicted to kayaking. They had kayaks there that you could take out, and my co-worker Aurora had been after me to try it. So as I stood on the beach looking at them, her voice popped into my head and said “Do it!”. So I did and quickly spent most of the vacation kayaking on the lake.

When we got home, I talked to her about getting one and she recommended the Current Designs brand that is manufactured right here in Winona Minnesota. She took me out on the Mississippi river and let me try both her and her husband’s kayaks, I liked his quite a bit.

So now knowing more what I wanted, I went to Tyrol Ski and Sports where I met Greg. Greg was the salesman who got me a great deal on a kayak of my own, along with all the car rack equipment, paddles etc. I bought my kayak on Monday, August 9 and am loving it. It is a Current Designs Kestrel 140 Rotomold, recreational kayak. I’ve taken it out Chester Woods twice now and am truly enjoying it.

On another cool note I had told my co-workers Aimee and Aurora that I wanted a kayak and was looking to put TARDIS decals on it from Doctor Who. Aimee surprised me with my decals weeks before I got my kayak, making my want to get one that much worse. So if you are looking for a kayak, I would highly recommend checking out the Current Designs kayak line. I have found them to be of great quality and almost everyone I know with a kayak has one. As for my kayak, it is pictured to the left, I am sure there will be more stories and pictures to come.