Hungry Shark

This week on the Discovery Channel is Shark Week, one of my favorite weeks. As this is Shark Week I looked in the iPhone App store for shark apps and came across a game called Hungry Shark. In this game you are a great white shark swimming around the ocean eating all kinds of things, including people, sea gulls, and other fish. There are obstacles to avoid as well as bonus items that you can eat, such as a traffic cone. I have found myself becoming very addicted to this game, especially since I can play it during the commercials of Shark Week.

There are two parts to this game, Part 1 is the free version, which is the one I installed. Hungry Shark Part 2 is 99 cents and opens up more levels and sea creatures to deal with. I am considering buying the full version, but have not yet.

So if you are looking for a fun iPhone game that holds some gore and action, I would highly recommend Hungry Shark. I know it is quickly becoming one of my favorite iPhone games.