In Wisconsin

So we have made it as far as Wisconsin for our GenCon trip. Yesterday we took Flash and Alexis up to Jill’s parents as they will be staying there while we are gone. I tried to remove a virus from my in-laws computer, but no such luck. The dogs were sad to see us go and we had to pry a very sad Alexis away from the door so we could leave. I was not feeling well at all yesterday and when we got home went to bed at 8pm and didn’t wake up until 9am this morning.

So we packed and hit the road. We are now in Green Bay, WI at my sister Dee’s house. Mike and Charity stopped by with my niece Lita, she is a riot. I showed her Darkwing Duck and taught her to say Darkwing. I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow. We are in Green Bay until Wednesday morning, then we head to Indianapolis to GenCon.