The Rice Trick

phonericeA lot of people may or may not know about the rice trick, but I have had it come up enough that I thought I should share. So what happens to your cell phone or other mobile device, GPS, etc if you get it wet? Is it ruined, or is there anything you can do?

Well you can always try the rice trick. This was told to me by my friend Tim at AT&T. Basically if you get your device wet, turn it off and place it in a bowl of dry rice, completely submerged and leave it over night, or for a couple of days. The rice will actually absorb the moisture out of your device, and if you are lucky you will be back up and running. If not, you may need a new device. This trick doesn’t always work, but is worth a shot before you throw in the towel. So the next time you get your device wet, give this a try before going to the store and spending lots of money for a new device.

1 Response

  1. Tim says:

    It doesn't always work, but if your device has gotten wet, it's probably not working anyway, so what do you have to lose? I've heard some people have had success with it, and I've heard some people have failures with it, so it's a crap shoot.