Lake Hattie 2010

This past week we made our yearly trip to Tuck-A-Way Resort on Lake Hattie with Jill’s family for the week of the 4th of July. We took both the dogs with so they could do swimming, they love that and just enjoyed a week at the lake. I got to spend a lot of time with my two year old niece, Allison, she is very funny and cute. Surprisingly she picked up the word “margarita” and can say it very well.

I did a lot of fishing, and caught several northerns. The biggest of which was 32 inches, 10 pounds. I went out one morning with Jill’s Dad and my brother-in-law Tony. We had just come into a bay and I threw my line towards the weedbed as Jill’s Dad started setting up the trolling motor. The northern hit almost immediately and started pulling line. I got it towards the boat and it jumped into the air and we all could see it. Tony got the net under it just as the lure came out of its mouth, and despite tripping over a tackle box, Tony kept it in the net. Kudos to Tony for that one. We released the northern but not after taking a couple of photos.

I also noticed this year at the beach they had some kayaks out that people could use, nothing big, just basic kayaks. The voice of my co-worker Aurora popped into my head and say, “try it”. She’s been kayaking for a while and has been encouraging me to as well. So I tried it, and loved it. I spend most of the week kayaking around the lake. Jill and I even did a trip around the bay in front of the resort, she also liked it. So maybe down the road there will be a kayak in my future.

So another yearly trip down with some good fishing and family fun. Jill and I are getting ready to head home tonight and then back to the normal day to day grind.

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  1. Tony and Jody says:

    Allison found some bouncy balls today as we were unpacking. Her eyes got really big, and she said "from Uncle MIKE!"