JotNet Scanner Pro

After getting my iPhone 4 it has made me really focus on it again, spending long strolls in the App Store, looking at new and more functional apps. And I came across one I was actually surprised by, JotNot Scanner Pro. This app only cost 99 cents, but what it is, is a document scanner. It allows you to take a picture of a document with your iPhone, then process it, and convert it to PDF. You can then email the document off your phone, just like anything else. While this sounds great, and like something out of James Bond, I didn’t really think it’d work very well. I was wrong, while the copy isn’t as good if you ran it through a regular document scanner, it is good enough to read and be eligible.

So if you are looking for a good app to turn your iPhone into a spy camera, or just a half way decent, portable document scanner, JotNot Scanner Pro might be for you.