iPhone 4

On June 15th I took a half day off as my wife and I were going with our friend Tim, who works at the AT&T store, to a Minnesota Twins game. He had told me the last week that I was eligible for the new iPhone 4, but I did not really believe him. So we went in on the 15th, which was also the iPhone pre-order day, and sure enough it was all true. I pre-ordered my iPhone and we headed off to the Twins game. Little did I know that the pre-orders went crazy, and they only ended up having enough phones to fill the pre-orders and only did it for that day. So time went on and I eagerly awaited my iPhone.

Eventually it came and I went in and got it activated. I got home and was able to restore my old iphone settings and applications onto it. I must admit this is one scenario I have to give iTunes credit for. Usually I refer to it as a necessary evil, but with its ability to Backup your phone and Restore, it made the transition easy. All my data, settings, and applications were there. Safari even remembered the last webpage I was on when I did my backup. So for this part, I have to give a thumbs up to iTunes.

The first thing I noticed right away with the new iPhone 4 was the speed performance. Which was one of the main reasons I upgraded. The iPhone 4 has the same processor in it as the iPad does. And all the hype about the processor is all true. The speed difference between my iPhone 3G and my iPhone 4 is night and day.

Most of the other features that I liked were the folders. This is not something special about the iPhone 4, but more about the new 4 operating system for the iPhone that Apple released. Even my wife was able to upgrade her iPhone 3G to the new 4 operating system, making even her iPhone 3G much more functional. She is do for a phone upgrade in January and I think she will have to problems moving to the iPhone 4.

So all in all I have to give credit to Apple. Usually when I hear a lot of hype the product falls short, but I do not think that is the case with the iPhone 4. Jut the performance enhancements alone are worth it. I am not going to go into depth about most of them, but so far all of them have been right on target. Especially the better camera, and the multi-tasking ability. So if you were one of the few lucky ones who were able to upgrade on June 24th, I am sure you are enjoying your iPhone 4. If you were not and are hoping to upgrade, the wait is worth it.