Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Out of curiosity I decided to try the Ubuntu Netbook Remix as it is supposed to be build specifically for the Intel Atom Processor. I saw some advantages to the user interface as it opens all applications full screen with tabs on the top menu as opposed to using a normal windows menu. This was cool, at first. But after a while of using it, I started getting annoyed and missed my normal windows as well as the multiple desktop view you can get with the full Ubuntu desktop version.

As for the performance boost I was looking for by using the Netbook Remix, was not found. It performed no differently than the full version of Ubuntu on my netbook. So after being annoyed for a bit by the lack of normal windows, I reloaded my netbook back to the full version and am much happier now.

So if you are looking for a more menu driven, less windows environment setup, I would highly recommend the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I think there are advantages for this as kiosks for even for children’s PCs. But as for me who wants to do more techie stuff, I found it limiting. I do hope Ubuntu keeps making it as I think it is great they have another option for users other than just their desktop version.