Stray Husky

Tonight we had some friends over for dinner, and had a lovely time. We let our dogs out and Flash just went nuts, we thought he was barking at the neighbor dogs. Turns out there was a big, white husky dog standing outside our gate to the backyard. We got our dogs in and I got the male husky in our backyard. It was raining out so we got a leash and lead him to our front porch. I called our friend Sue to see what to do next, as she is pretty much an expert on rescuing dogs. She told us to call dispatch and have an officer meet us at animal control. I did just that, and with the help of my neighbor Michelle we took the dog to animal control. He was a very good dog, and even sat nice for the car ride. I hope they find him a good home. He did look very skinny, so I think he may have been out and about for a while. Needless to say, Flash & Alexis were NOT happy about all this, but were happy when I got home with no strange dog.

The husky had a red collar and no tags. He seemed very young, almost a puppy. If you recognize him, he is at the Rochester Animal Shelter.