From Dropbox to iBooks

On Apple devices, such as the iPhone or iPad, there is a default ebook application called iBooks. This is basically Apple’s version of Nook or Kindle, but it can serve another purpose such as reading local PDFs as eBooks. This can be very helpful if you want to keep a nice, navigational document on your iPad. But how can you get your PDF on your iPhone or iPad and into iBooks. Well it is actually really simple, using Dropbox.

First you want to put your PDF or eBook into your Dropbox account. I keep these on my computer, so it was really easy to copy the PDF file I wanted into my Dropbox folder. Then on your iPhone or iPad go into your Dropbox app and find the PDF. Open it, and in the top right hand corner you will see the little box with the arrow in it. When you touch it you get a menu option of different apps you can export the PDF file to, and one of them is iBooks. So choose iBooks and it will open the iBooks app. Give it a little while to export your PDF file into iBooks. Once it is done you will have a locally installed copy of your PDF or eBook file. You can now bookmark pages, and treat it pretty much like an eBook.

A nice feature of this is the file is now locally loaded onto your iPhone or iPad. So you can even remove it from your Dropbox account, and it will not affect the copy in iBooks. Be careful though, as your mobile device may not have a lot of storage space, and you don’t want to overload it with every PDF on your computer.

I had heard of this trick, but did not put it into practice until I started a role playing game and we had a shortage of books. I had all the books as PDFs, but did not have enough paper copies. Moving the PDF to my iPad opened up a paper copy of the book, as now I can easily bookmark the pages I need, and I find the navigation much easier than the paper version.

So if you have a PDF or an eBook and you want to get it on your iPhone or iPad, I would definitely recommend putting it into Dropbox then exporting it to iBooks. This is very simple to do, and it will make it easy for accessing your PDF or eBook on the go.