Ubuntu 10.04

So the new Ubuntu 10.04 release came out on Thursday, April 29th. I was eagerly waiting to upgrade my netbook to this, and after work last Thursday I did. I got home and run my Update Manager on Ubuntu and sure enough, there was the Upgrade for 10.04, so I went for it. Much to my dismay, it took forever. I believe this is mostly due to the download speed from their upgrade server. I am guessing a lot of people were doing the upgrade that night as well. Anyways, I let it go over night and it was successful. Friday, April 30th found my netbook with the new Ubuntu 10.04 release on it. Looking back I should have just did a from scratch install, as it would have been much faster.

My initial findings with the new Ubuntu 10.04 was that it was very purple. They have definitely tweaked the defaults to make it look more MAC like in my opinion, but it still looks like Linux to me. Some of the symbols changed, but other than that, it looks very similar to the 9.10 release. I am still playing and experimenting with it, but so far have found no problems. I like some of the new visual cusotmizations. I have also found that it takes my netbook a few seconds longer to boot up (still faster than Windows) but once it is up, the performance is much improved.

So if you haven’t upgraded, I would say go for it. If you haven’t installed Ubuntu at all yet, and are looking to, don’t be afraid to jump into Ubuntu 10.04. It isn’t that different from the previous version, but was totally worth the performance boost I got. I am still playing and learning some of the other features, such as the integrated music store, but so far all looks good.