List Category Posts

One of the frustrating things I have found with WordPress is getting a list of posts to show up on a page. Typically this is done with categories, but if I just want a page that displays the titles of the posts from a category, and not the posts themselves it has been pretty hard to come by. Usually I am wishing I could do an index page as opposed to reading through all the posts to find what I am looking for.

Well there is a plugin for that, and its name is List Category Posts. This plugin allows you to create a page in WordPress and using some short code, you can specify a category to get a listing of titles from that category.

First you want to create a page in WordPress that will hold all the post titles of a category. Then put the shortcode in the page that looks something like this on the page.

[ catlist name=category argument1=value1 argument2=value2]

This plugin provides a lot of great arguments and settings in which to customize how the post titles appear on your page. More information on these can be found in the Other Notes section of the plugin’s site.  The one I have found the most useful is showing the posts by using the category’s name, then ordering them by title.  So it looks something like this:

[ catlist name=cats numberposts=999 orderby=title order=asc]

Looking at this string, I use name to specify the name of the category to pull the post titles from.  By default this plugin only shows the first five posts from the category.  I want to see them all, so I use numberposts to specify how many post titles to display.  I set this to 999 to make sure I get them all.  I then use the orderby to specify I want them ordered by title.  Then using the order argument, I tell them page I want them displayed in ascending order.  This way I get a listing of post titles on the page from the category cats, that are sorted alphabetically by title from A to Z.

This plugin has been a life saver when trying to make a WordPress site look a little less like a blog and more like a regular site. It speeds up navigation and makes finding information much easier. So if you are looking for a way to streamline your WordPress blog, I would check out the List Category Posts plugin.