Pocket God

Normally I am not big into games, in fact I usually think they slow down systems and are more trouble than they are worth. This attitude is not different for my iPhone than my computer. However there is one game, that above all others is truly awesome, and that is Pocket God.

The way you play Pocket God is you have an island of pygmies and you are their God. This allows you to be nice to them, or not, I usually go with not. There are several levels and you get to do all kinds of different things to the pygmies, such as flinging them in volcanoes or feeding them to giant spiders. The animation and the different things you can do in this game, it was makes it truly entertaining. It is a riot to play, and a truly great way to release some stress. You will find yourself lots of hours tormenting your pygmies.

Pocket God is $1 in the iPhone App Store, and I can honestly say, I’ve gotten my $1 of entertianment out of it. Everyone I show this app too usually take my iPhone away and I don’t see it again for quite a while. So if you are looking for just a fun, entertaining game, or just want to torment someone, check out Pocket God.

2 Responses

  1. Tony and Jody says:

    And toddlers love it, too!

  2. Bruzer says:

    Just what you need, a game where YOU are GOD. I weep for the pygmies.