Flickr Badge

One of the more popular photo services out there is Flickr. Flickr lets you put your pictures online and even post a badge to your website that cycles through your pictures. This is a nice little add-on to your website if you want to show pictures, however there are some limitations. The website badge from Flickr is Flash based, so already you have lost the ability for it to work on Apple iOS devices. There are also known issues with it not displaying properly on newer versions of Internet Explorer. Well for the scenario I was working on I was trying to put this on a WordPress site and found a better plugin that someone had created called Flickr Badge.

Flickr Badge allows you to install a widget on your site that you can then put in your Flickr ID and it will then put in as many pictures on your site as you want. You can choose the size of the pictures, and how many. You can even select it to be random, or display the most recent pictures. The look and feel of the badge is a lot more dynamic than even the website badge you can get from Flickr. Plus the WordPress Flickr Badge works in all the browsers, even on the Apple iOS devices.

If you have trouble getting your Flickr ID to work with the widget, you are probably using your regular userid. I know when I set this up it was not until I clicked on the idGettr to get the actual coded userid that Flickr uses. You can click on this from within the widget to get the actual userid. Once you have that, it should work just fine.

So if you have a WordPress site and want to put a cool Flickr photo badge on your site, do not waste your time with the one from Flickr. Download Flickr Badge from WordPress and get it setup up. It is much easier and nicer to use, plus you will save yourself a lot of time and headache.