Another very useful app I have found for the iPhone is SaiSuke. SaiSuke is an app that syncs with your Google Calendar. It does not use the native iPhone calendar program, due to limitations with Apple, but runs it’s own Calendar to access your Google Calendars. It will show you all calendars you have access to, as well as preserve the colors of those calendars you have set in Google. It looks just like the Google Calendar, except it is a local app. But some people would say, why not just access your Google Calendar through the browser, which you can. However, because SaiSuke is a local app and syncs with your Google Calendar, it preserves all the information even if you are not online. Giving you an easily accessible offline calendar if needed.

SaiSuke comes in two versions, the free version or the paid version for $10. We got the paid version as I didn’t want ads, and wanted the extra functionality. This app was in fact the main reason we went with the iPhone versus a Windows Mobile phone or Blackberry. Google Calendar syncing was important to my wife and I for our phones, as we live off of Google Calendar. So if you are looking for a good app to sync with Google Calendar, I would highly recommend SaiSuke for your iPod Touch or iPhone.