Logitech Touch Mouse

In my many browsings of the Apple App Store, I found another App that I really like, it is called the Logitech Touch Mouse. But before I explain what this app does, I would like to tell the back story of why I was so excited to find it.

In our upstairs bedroom I have a desktop connected to our flat panel TV that we use as a media center PC. We use this for streaming online movies from Netflix and Hulu. The problem we have found is at night, getting up to turn it off. We can turn the TV off with the remote, but we do not have a remote for our media center PC. We were thinking of buying a presentation remote for this purpose, but then I found the Logitech Touch Mouse.

So what does this app do? It turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a touchpad mouse and keyboard for your PC. The way this works is that you install the Touch Mouse Server software on your PC. You can set it to auto-start if you wish or turn it on manually if you prefer that method. Then you connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the same wireless network as your PC and launch the app. The app will auto-detect your PC, and then you can connect. Once you connect it is pretty easy, it is just a touch pad mouse with buttons and an option to open the keyboard. You can then disconnect and you are done. The nice thing is you are connecting over your wireless network, so as long as you are in range of that you are set, regardless of how far your iPod or iPhone is away from the PC. The other bonus, both the app and the touch mouse server software are free.

So if you have a media center PC, and an iPod Touch or iPhone and were thinking about getting a presentation mouse / remote, save yourself some money and try out the Logitech Touch Mouse app.

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  1. Bruzer says:

    Once again you are on the cutting edge of Technology Beaker! I just bought a 32 foot USB cable from TigerDirect.com (I got the recommendation on that site from you) to connect a keyboard and mouse to the computer attached to the TV. Wish I had read your article 2 months ago!