Mozilla Thunderbird

Normally I am not a fan of local email applications. I use Gmail web interface for my main email account and tend to utilize its ability to handle multiple email accounts. However there is one application for a local email client that I do like, and that is Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a local email application similar to Outlook or Outlook Express. It is created by the same people who make Firefox. Which brings out the main reason I like it, it is customizable. Much like Firefox, there are tons of different add-ons that you can download and install with Thunderbird, allowing it be YOUR email application.

The other thing I like about Thunderbird is how easy it is to configure IMAP email. Most email servers can do POP or IMAP. POP is where you download the email locally to your computer off of the server and that is it. IMAP synchronizes the email, so that it is the same on your local computer, or in a webmail interface. So if you bounce between the two IMAP is definitely the way to go.

The IMAP handling, along with Thunderbird’s add-ons, allow for a great and seamless local email client. So if you find yourself not wanting just webmail, or miss the allure of a local email client, I highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird.