I have become a real fan of Evernote, and the main reason I never used it before was there was no Linux client.  Well now thanks to Nevernote, there is a Linux Client.  Nevernote is designed to work with Evernote and give you a lot of the same features, along with the look and feel.

Nevernote is not however made by the people who created Evernote. This is a third party application that is designed to connect you to your Evernote on Linux.  Since it is open source, it is use at your own risk, but so far I have not found any problems. with it.  Like the regular Evernote app, it shows you your notebooks, tags, etc.  Looking at the screen shot you can see it looks pretty much like the regular Evernote client.

So if like me you do run Linux and are a fan of Evernote, you may want to check out Nevernote so you can bring the power of Evernote to your Linux machine.