Charter Support

My wife and I use Charter as our home internet service provider.  They have the best speeds available for where we live, and for the most part they work great.  Usually however when we have had problems, working with their support has been a nightmare.  We have had to constantly argue with the service reps as they read through their script.  And in some cases call back after being dropped only to find it was an area outage.

Today as my wife has been working from home she noticed our internet speeds had dropped.  She tried power cycling our network equipment but it made no difference, and that unfortunate call to Charter support was needed.  She called and the rep she got was actually very helpful.  She did not argue with my wife and quickly noticed there was an area outage and let my wife know.  She even dispatched someone right away.  What was even more amazing was that within an hour they called my wife back to let her know the problem was fixed.  This is something completely new us as Charter support has never had this kind of follow through before.  I was impressed to say the least!

So as I write this I am a little shocked I am writing a blog post on how great Charter support was.  I am hoping by giving them a kudos that this kind of support continues.  Thank you Charter for helping my wife resolve our network issue and in such a professional manner.