Dropbox: Referral Bonus Doubles

One of my favorite cloud based apps is Dropbox.  I have blogged about it before, and probably will again.  One of the coolest things with Dropbox has been their referral program.  By referring users to signup for Dropbox, both parties get extra space as a bonus.  Usually this has been about 250mb, but recently Dropbox has doubled their referral bonus to 500mb.  Also for a free basic account in the past the max space was 8gb, but with this increase you can now get a max of 18gb free.

So while Dropbox was awesome before, it has only increased its value to me.  I know I will be asking some of my friends and family if they are on Dropbox, and if not I will definitely refer them.

More information on Dropbox’s referral program can be found in their help section at https://www.dropbox.com/help/200.