Paper Camera

Do you remember the music video for the song Take On Me, by A-Ha?  This music video is memorable for their drawing style of animation.  Well now there is an app for that as well.  With the Paper Camera iOS app, you can take real photos as if they were drawings.  For example the picture to the right is one I took of a lamp on our nightstand.

The app actually as several different settings that mimic several different kinds of drawing styles.  Allowing you to create art from any photo opportunity you may find.  Paper Camera is 99 cents in the App Store, but it is well worth it as it gives you some very cool camera effects.

So if you want to make your photos pop out a little more, or try to fool someone that you can draw better than you really can, then Paper Camera is for you.  A special thanks to my friend Tim who showed me this great little app.

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  1. Tim says:

    And please ignore Mike when he suggests that he is going to open an art studio… They were created with this app…