Gmail: Checking POP3 Email

In my travels today I helped a user reclaim control of her multiple email addresses, and this reminded me of something that I think is worth mentioning. One of the great features of Gmail is its ability to handle multiple email accounts through it. A lot of people use local mail clients and use POP3 to download multiple email address to their computer. While this works, it has been in my experience, there are better ways. When you POP your mail down locally, if your computer crashes you will lose it. One thing that Gmail does is give you the ability to POP the same email into Gmail, using Gmail as your local mail application. This is great as it allows you to use Gmail for multiple accounts while still keeping it web based.

To use this feature, you can find these settings under Settings and then Accounts and Import. Under the Check mail using POP3, you can setup your other email accounts. It will walk you through a wizard where you will be able to set this up, and even be able to set it so you can send mail from that account too. If you ISP or Email provider has SMTP settings, you can set this and send mail from Gmail through them as if it were any other local email client. Below is an article from Gmail help explaining how to do this in greater detail.

This is just one of the many, and great features I have found with Gmail. I often times take it for granted as I also use Gmail to handle multiple email accounts, but it is one that I think is worth mentioning again.