Since I got my Nook and got back into reading I have found new authors and stories that I like.  I am even buying eBooks now, as opposed to getting all of my eBooks from the library.  But one thing I liked about doing all my eBooks from the library is, it gave me a way to track what I was reading and what I liked.  But now that I am buying them directly, and from other sources, it is harder to track.  I needed to find a better tool to track my books, and I found this tool in Goodreads.

Goodreads allows you to create a list of all the books you have read, and what formats.  You can even enter in dates you finished reading them.  You can even create a To-Read list so you have a listing of books you want to read, very useful if you bounce between series.  But what was really impressive was that you can friend other people on Goodreads and see what they are reading.  This takes reading into a social media aspect.  You can create your own book clubs and organizations with other Goodreads users right on their site.  Goodreads can even be set up so that it will automatically post your status to Facebook or Twitter for you.

While all that is great, my greatest reason for loving Good Reads, as I said earlier, is that I can create lists of what I have read.  I can even create my own shelves to sort the books that I want, and group series together.  This gives me a good way of going back to see what I read, whether it was a library book, ebook, or one that I purchased from somewhere else.  Plus with all my books put into Good Reads it can give me recommendations of other books I might be interested in.

Goodreads also comes in app form too, allowing you to update your reading list and status from your mobile device.  While this is useful, I found the app a little wanting and did not sync in real time.  Something I am sure they will address in the future.  I have found mobile apps in both the Apple App Store and on Google Play for the Droid.

If you are an avid reading looking for a great way to track what you’ve been reading, then Goodreads might be for you.  Even if you are not into tracking what you’ve been reading, and just want to socialize with your friends online about books, it is great for that too.