CP Control Panel

If you have your own web server or hosted web service that uses cPanel to administer it, then do I have an app for you, called CP Control Panel!  If you are not sure what cPanel is, then maybe I should explain a little further.  I use a service called SiteGround that hosts my own web server, without me having to have all the overhead of a real server under my desk.  It has a great web interface that gives me a lot of control over my web server, that I access through the cPanel interface.

The problem is I sometimes have to make changes to my web server and I am not in front of my computer.  I have tried this in the past through Safari, but Safari can be problematic and often times out.  This very situation happened to me recently and I couldn’t help but wonder the age old question, “Is there an app for that?”, and yes, yes there is!  The CP Control Panel app allowed me to access the cPanel interface on my web server with ease.  It actually looks a lot like the cPanel web interface itself, and gave me access to all the same controls.  This proved very helpful to me as I was able to easily make my change within seconds, and not deal with a website that just wouldn’t load in Safari.

So if you have your own web server that uses cPanel, and you have an iOS device, I would highly recommend you download the CP Control Panel app.  There is a free version, but the full version is $3.99, and since I was in need I took the plunge for the paid app and have not regretted it.