Microsoft Security Essentials

As I am always looking for newer, cooler options I decided to try out Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus program. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free anti-virus program that was derived from Windows Live One Care. It is provided free to consumers as long as they pass the Windows Validation test. It updates via Microsoft Update, approximately every eight hours. It does not allow any manual configuration in the program for updates and does it automatically. It has a very low system impact on the computer, making it a low impact software on your system resources. Its user interface is very simple to use and understand. I like Security Essentials as it is an “install and forget about it”, type of program.

One of the things that has really impressed me with it, was its test ratings. It scored as one of the top three anti-virus programs, along with Symantec and eSoft. It even surpassed my personal favorite, AVG. This is quite an accomplishment, especially from a free software to surpass several others that are paid for.

So from everything I read and understood, I was more than curious to try it out for myself. I began by putting it on an XP laptop that had been running Symantec Anti-virus. I definitely noticed a performance boost and was quite happy. Happy enough to put it on my home laptop that was running Windows 7. However once I moved from AVG to Microsoft Security Essentials I noticed a performance drop. My programs were taking about one to three seconds longer to open, and it was utilizing half my CPU usage when I was opening programs. I did some more reading online and found this is happening to several people using Security Essentials on Windows 7. So sadly, with my hopes dashed, I went back to AVG Anti-virus as I really prefer my system performance. Hopefully in the next release they will address this issue, as for me I would definitely be willing to give this another try.