If This Then That

Have you ever wanted to automate certain tasks online so if something happens, then something else automatically happens?  Well now If This Then That (IFTTT) does this for you.  It allows you to link some of your online services so that when something happens, it automatically carries out a task for you, as long as it fits the simple “if this then that” structure.

Say for example you want to get emailed whenever there is a weather change, or there is an update to an RSS feed.  Or if you want to autosave all your Instagram photos to Dropbox as you add them.  You can even set Facebook to automatically save all your photos that you post to your Dropbox.  If This Then That links a variety of services together to automatically carry these tasks out for you.  A list of them can be found on their Channels page.  There are literally tons of different tasks and combinations you can do between this multitude of services.

If This Then That is a free service, and tasks can be turned on and off as you prefer.  When you turn them back on they pick right up where they left off as if you just created them.  So as you use more and more online services, you may want to consider If This Then That as a way to automate certain tasks between them.  It can cut down on a lot of time wasted on mundane tasks, and keep you up to date without missing a beat.