National Night Out

So tonight Jill and I went out to the park with our neighbors, Brian and Michelle and their daughters to meet all the other people in our neighborhood. This is part of National Night Out when they do a big picnic / get to know your neighbors night. It was pretty fun, we met some people we had not met.

We found out that at our local park the city raised the swings up so you can barely get on them as an adult, let alone as a child. After much trying I finally got on a swing and still couldn’t touch the ground, how can a child get on the swing and what happens if they fall off, besides plummit to their demise. But other than that it was fun, ate too much, got to spend time with the people that leave near me. I am just chilling now, Flash and Alexis acted like we abandoned them for days, when it was only one hour and a half. Such rough lives they have.

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  1. Jonya says:

    I’m glad you went to that. If we had one in St. Charles, I didn’t hear about it. I wonder if Ann went to one this year; I think she has in years’ past. They are interesting in concept and result. I hope you have met some new friends!