At both work and home we have shared network drives, which are great for storing data on you local network.  But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access those files from your iPhone or iPad?  Well now you can thanks to the FileBrowser app.  With this app you can map those network drives and authenticate to them using you logon.  Once you do that you can browse the folders and even open files on the iPhone or iPad.  Anything from images, to Microsoft Office documents.  While you cannot edit these documents through this app, you can at least pull them up to view them.  Great if you are in a meeting and need to bring up the agenda or meeting notes from the last meeting.  And at home you can even stream movies from your computer or network share to your iPhone or iPad.


So if you are looking for a way to access the files on your computer, or just a network drive check out FileBrowser.  Keep in mind that although this app works great, it comes with a hefty price at $4.99.  But depending on your needs, this may be worth the cost of the app.