Windows 7: Manage Default Printers

Here is a neat trick that you may or may not know in Windows 7.  If you are like me and are constantly changing from one wireless network to another, wouldn’t it be nice if your default printer changed with you?  Well there is a feature inside Windows 7 that allows you to set your default printer based on what network or wireless network you are on, and here is how to set it.  We are going to assume you have already installed your printers on all of your different networks.

  1. Click on the Orb in the lower right corner.
  2. Select Devices and Printers.
  3. Click on one of your printers, then at the top click on Manage Default Printers.
  4. In this window you can select your network and associate your default printer with it.  This way when you go onto a different network your default printer will automatically change with you.

That’s it!  Not a terribly new idea or feature, but a nice little trick in Windows 7 that might make life a little easier as you visit your relatives or travel for work.