Dropbox: Public Folder

Even though a lot of people I know use Dropbox, several of them are unaware of how to use the Dropbox Public folder.  Looking through my blog posts, this is something that I haven’t talked about in great detail before.  So tonight we will take a look at using the Public folder in Dropbox.

Have you ever wanted to use Dropbox to share a file with someone, without having to set them up on Dropbox and share a folder with them?  Well that is where the Public folder comes in.  Basically in your Dropbox account, put the file you want to share in the Public folder in your Dropbox.  Then right click on the file to bring up the menu, one of the options will be Dropbox, navigate to its menu and select Copy Public Link.  Then paste that link into the email, or conversation you are going to use to send your friend.  Once your friend has the web link they can click on it and open your file through a normal browser, no dropbox account or web skills required.

So the next time you have a large file to send through email, think about using your Public folder in Dropbox and emailing a web link instead.  You will save a lot of space in your email and will reduce the risk of your file being stripped out due to size constraints or virus removal tools.