iTunes Gift Cards

Something I found out this holiday season is that not a lot of people know how to get iTunes gift cards directly from iTunes. Sure, we all see them in the store, hanging on the shelves as we check out begging to be purchased. But did you know it is even easier and safer to purchase them at home if you already have an iTunes account?

If you have an iTunes account and iTunes already installed on your computer all you have to do so go into iTunes Store, then click on Buy iTunes Gifts in the top, right hand corner of the iTunes Store. From here you have a few options on purchasing them, I am going to talk about my two favorites. These are the Printable Gift Certificates and Email Gift certificates.

Printable Gift Certificates let you put in any $10 amount, such as $10, $20, $30, etc. These are great as you can fill out the information, put in the amount and a personal message, then print the gift certificate right at home with the redemption code. No shopping lines, no wondering if the cashier activated the card, no worries. This is great if you don’t want them to have it instantly and want something to wrap or put in a card.

The other one of my favorites is the Email Gift Certificates, these are just like the printable ones, except it is sent via email. This one is instantaneous, so make sure you want the person you are sending them to, to get the gift certificate right now. This one is really great if you need to birthday shop for someone who lives in another state, such as a sister.

In conclusion, the next time you are thinking of buying an iTunes gift card for someone, make it easier on you and them, and get it directly from iTunes. I know for myself first hand that there are several problems in the stores such as cashiers not activating the card, or other shoppers trying to get the numbers off of the cards. So take advantage of this great feature in iTunes and save yourself a trip to the store.