Buffalo Ethernet Converter

I am not sure why I have not blogged about this device before, it is one of my favorites.  But today I am going to talk about the Buffalo Ethernet Converter.  What this device does is basically reverse wireless.  It allows you to connect it to your wireless network, as you would any other device, except that it converts the signal back into 4 regular ethernet ports.  You can then plug in your regular ethernet devices into this as if it were an ordinary switch that was connected to your network.  The devices plugged into the Buffalo Ethernet Converter have no idea they are even on wireless.

So what would one use this device for?  Well if you have several computers in one area that is not near your router, instead of spending a lot of money to wire a network cable across your house, you could just get a Buffalo Ethernet Converter and be done.  This device is also very good for entertainment centers that have gaming or streaming systems that need access to the internet.  Instead of buying multiple wireless adapters, you can just get this device for all of them.

A while back the wireless adapter on my desktop started acting up, and I was going to replace it.  However I decided to go with the Buffalo Ethernet Converter, which not only let my desktop plug in via regular ethernet, but also gave me three additional ethernet ports in my office.

The next time you find yourself with a device that does not have wireless, before going out to buy a wireless adapter for it, you may want to consider the Buffalo Ethernet Converter.  Especially if you have more than one device, or want a few extra ports in the dark corner of your house.