I have talked before about Malware, such as fake virus spoofs that infect systems. Basically if you go to the wrong website, or click YES to install something you are not sure of, you will infect your system. It doesn’t matter what kind of anti-virus you are running, once you give it permission you have just bypassed your security software. So make sure if you get virus messages it is from your regular anti-virus and not from something else.

One of the best tools that will remove a lot of these fake viruses or malware is Malwarebytes. You can download their free version from their website and run it and do a full systems scan. In many cases it will find and remove the malware and viruses that might be on your system. If you do run into this situation and can successfully remove the infection with Malwarebytes, I still highly recommend running a full virus scan after wards as many malware infections open the door for other viruses.

So in conclusion, try to be safe out on the internet, but if you do mess up there are a few tools, such as Malwarebytes that might get you out of a jam.