If you remember a while back I blogged about a cool application called Wunderlist.  Well recently the makers of Wunderlist released their new beta project, Wunderkit out to the public.  Wunderkit expands on Wunderlist in the fact that you can now create different workspaces.  Each of these workspaces allows you to do tasks, just like Wunderlist, but also allows you to do notes as well.  It is almost as if they merged Evernote and Wunderlist into one product.  However they did not compromise the collaborative aspects that made Wunderlist so great.  You can share different tasks and notes with other people, as well as keep a timeline of who is updating what in the projects.

Personally I am liking Wunderkit over Wunderlist because it allows me to break my work stuff into a separate workspace and get very granular with the tasks.  This is not something I could have easily done in Wunderlist as it was more of a generic to do list app.  However if you still want just a basic, cloud based to do application I would still highly recommend Wunderlist.

Right now in the iTunes app store there is only an app for Wunderkit for the iPhone.  I am having faith that as this project comes more out of beta there will be an iPad version as well.  The iPhone version is very user friendly, but still has a few bugs when it comes to syncing and time zones.  But that is not shocking as this project is still in beta.

The next question is, well if it is in beta and free now, will it cost money later?  Yes, it will, but that all depends how you use it.  If you basically plan to use it and stay within your own workspaces it will remain free, but if you plan to do a lot of collaboration across many other people’s workspaces, it may cost money.  I think this is setup more as free for personal use, costs money for business use, scenario.  You can read more about this on the Wunderkit is free, website.

So if you are looking for an overall tool to organize your work, home, and social life, I would highly recommend Wunderkit.  If it is this awesome in beta, I cannot wait until it is fully released to the public.