QR Chores

This is one of my more favorite ideas I have had to using technology for every day use.  Let’s start with some back story first.  I have a friend with a pre-teen daughter that doesn’t like helping with chores, such as laundry.  She has conveniently “forgotten” or “lost” the instructions her mother has given her when it comes to doing laundry.  Also for Christmas, like a lot of kids her age, she got a new iPod Touch.  A lot of kids have newer iOS, or Droid smart phones as well.

So my brilliant idea, was to have her Mom write up the instructions for doing laundry for her daughter.  That seems simple, but let’s make it super techie and easy so the instructions cannot be lost.

First write up the instructions, then she can save / convert those instructions into a PDF, making it more universal and easier to open on the mobile device.

Then using Dropbox, put the PDF instructions in the public folder of the Dropbox account.  You can then right click on them and get a public URL link that will allow them PDF instructions to be opened in a browser by anyone.

Finally take that URL link to your document from the Dropbox Public folder and go to a QR Code generator site, such as Kaywa, and create a QR Code that will directly link to the PDF instructions.  Put the QR Code for the instructions on the washing machine.  Now with a little help, my friend’s daughter can download a free QR Code reader on her new iPod Touch, so the next time she “loses” the instructions, she can take her iPod Touch and scan the QR Code off of the washing machine and there they will be!

So if you too have a pre-teenager or even a teenager with a mobile device that seems to “forget” instructions on how to do chores, consider making them into a PDF, putting them in Dropbox’s Public Folder and creating a QR Code.  If nothing else it should be entertaining to hear what excuse they come up with next.

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