Windows 7 Upgrade

Like so many people on October 22nd, I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7. As I am paranoid, I bought a new hard drive for my laptop to install Windows 7 on. That way if it failed or the install went horribly wrong I would just pop in my old hard drive and be back at Windows Vista. One cool thing I found doing this, that I had not noticed before, is my laptop has a second hard drive bay. This means I can have two internal hard drives, so I have a great place to put my old hard drive after the upgrade is a success. Normally I like to do a fresh install of operating systems, but the license key I got for Windows 7 was upgrade only. However I did try doing a fresh install at first, but ran into several driver problems in doing so. This meant that I had to restore the factory default image of my Vista system on my new hard drive before continuing. I tried this without much hope because of lack of Windows 7 drivers from HP. However something cool happened, Windows 7 was able to import and use all the Vista drivers and I was back in business.

I’ve been running with Windows 7 for a while now and it seems fine. The interface is a lot like Vista, but the performance is better. There are also some great features with library sharing, making sharing data between systems a lot nicer. The only other major problem I have had are drivers. Since Windows 7 is so new a lot of drivers for things such as printers and even internal devices are not readily available yet. So I would say if your computer system is running fine with XP or Vista, I wouldn’t worry about spending the money to upgrade unless you really want to. Support for these operating systems will be around for a while yet, especially for Vista.

As a post upgrade note, after I got my Windows 7 working and was happy with it, I moved my data and formatted my original hard drive. I installed it as a secondary drive in my laptop and turned it into an internal 250gb iTunes drive. I am very excited about that. The other interesting thing I found after upgrading is that our internet speed at home is faster, going from 10mb to closer to 20mb. This has nothing to do with my laptop, only that I noticed it after upgrading. So the two things that excited me most about doing the upgrade really have nothing to do with Windows 7 at all. But so far things seem to be going fine with Windows 7.