Find My Friends

My friend Tim showed me this app, and frankly it is a stalker app.  Find My Friends is an app that you can install and track the locations of your friends.  It can pull up maps and show you were they are, as well as allow you to set labels for places such as Home and Work.  Basically it tracks the location of devices of your friends and gives you their location by using wireless or cell phone networks.

To start out with you have to install the app, then invite some friends.  They have to accept your request and they can send you one back.  Once you have accepted each others requests you can now track each.  Don’t worry, there is a feature in the app to turn it off since even if you close the app, they can still track you.

So basically if you are looking for a great way to find your friends, or track your kids this is a great app.  However it can be used for evil!  Be careful as the ramifications of this app could end some relationships or friendships.  And if you are up to no good, well then you better not accept any Find My Friend requests.