Installing Dropbox on Lubuntu

When I first installed Lubuntu I was a little disappointed in the lack of a software center.  I am just a beginner Linux hacker, so I appreciate the user friendliness of a software center.  Now I do know there is a way to insall the beta version of the Lubuntu software center, but that isn’t necessarily easy either.  So the basic requirements I had of this new version of Linux was, it must browse the internet, do instant messaging, and Dropbox.  Well the Dropbox part wasn’t easy to get installed, until I did some searching and found a nice article from someone on how to install it from the terminal.

Basically here are the instructions from the article above:

Open up a terminal session and type the following lines separately, hitting return after each.

  • cd
  • wget -O dropbox.tar.gz\?plat=lnx.x86
  • tar -zxof dropbox.tar.gz
  • wget -nd
  • wget -nd
  • python

Let DropBox complete its’ initial sync and then, in future, start Dropbox using the following command (either via the terminal or by making a launcher for it)

  • ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd

After running through these instructions Dropbox was installed and working just fine, however the problem still existed was how to autostart it.  This did not happen like normal from this install, and I was not familiar enough with Linux to do this on my own.  So searching the internet I found another great article on how to autostart Dropbox.

Before I post these instructions below, I did have to open the file manager and make sure it was set to see hidden operating system files to see the directories mentioned in this artcile.  I also had to manually create the autostart folder myself, but after doing that these instructions worked perfectly.

Make a new file in my autostart folder here:
(you should change GUS to whatever your own username is)
Call the file “Dropbox.desktop”
Open it in your text editor and paste these lines, again changing GUS to your username in the line that starts with “Exec”:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=bash /home/GUS/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd

Save the file and then you should be able to reboot and when you log back in Dropbox should autostart just like it normally does on other systems.

Basically Lubuntu is a very nice, light weight, operating system that works very well on the netbooks.  The biggest problem is the fact it is not as user friendly as the regular Ubuntu.  However I think all that is still coming, but in the meantime it is nice to know that people are posting great fixes such as these so the rest of us can have our cake and eat it too.  Thanks to the authors of these great articles, they both really helped me.