Where Have All The Computers Gone

If you went out today to go buy a new computer today, you’d find the stores pretty much bare. There is not a lot out there to get as most of the stores are waiting for the release of Windows 7. This Thursday on October 22, Windows 7 will be released to the public. This means all the computers that the stores have in their back rooms pre-loaded will be available for purchase. So if you need a new computer you might want to look around anyways, as there might be some stores, or some places online looking to clear the last bit of their inventory. But if you want to wait and get a better selection, I would personally wait until Thursday and take a look at some of the Windows 7 systems.

As for me I am eagerly awaiting it as I want to take a look at the final release. My plan is to buy a new hard drive for my laptop and home and load Windows 7 on that. That way if something goes horribly wrong I can just pop in my Windows Vista hard drive and I am back in business. If you are looking to reload your current system the link below has some specifications on Windows 7. But the rule of thumb in this case is, if your system can run Windows Vista, it should be able to run Windows 7.


So if you are like me, after Thursday you will probably hit the stores like everyone else just to check out some of the equipment and the prices for Windows 7 computers. From what I have seen I am excited enough to give it a try at home. See you all out in the stores after Thursday!