GenCon 2009 Entry 5

pelorSo today we got up and hit the GenCon exhibition hall one last time. We then hit Starbucks and Mike went to check out the wrap up for our True Dungeon event. They did a riddle reveal, then moved onto the auction part. I went back down with Mike and we watched them auction off some of the their older props and some items that could be used in the game, using the in game gold and not real money. One item they auctioned off was the holy symbol of Pelor that the NPC Monk wore last year. As you might remember I worked as the NPC Monk in True Dungeon last year and had wore the symbol many times. So using the gold pieces from the game, Mike proceeded to bid on the holy symbol for me. Another person was bidding on it too, he was also a monk from last year as well. But he only had 1920 gold pieces, and Mike had 2000. Needless to say I got my holy symbol back from last year and get to keep it. Very cool since I play a cleric of Pelor in both our Dungeons and Dragons game and in True Dungeon.

Afterward we got ready and drove through several hours of construction and Chicago traffic to get back to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dee had a nice salmon dinner for us when we got in. My dogs were so excited to see us. Tomorrow Jill and I will make the journey from Green Bay back to Rochester, Minnesota. Then Tuesday will find us back to work. All in all, this was a great and fun year for GenCon and I am looking forward to next year and more True Dungeon.

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  1. Mother Todd says:

    That is a really cool story